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Cinco De Mayo. 5/5/2024 Mother's Day 5/12/2024. Memorial Day 5/27/2024.

Congregate Sites Are Open for Lunch

Any person who is 60 years of age or older or anyone married to a person 60 years of age or older is cordially invited to participate in the program. A reservation should be made two days in advance at one of the sites. There are over 20 nutrition sites located throughout Union County.


Meals On Wheels Union County

Serving Union County Seniors since 1971. Meals On Wheels currently prepares and delivers more than 400,000 nutritious meals annually to both private homes and congregate dining sites. This program is supported by a grant from Union County Division on Aging, clients contributions, and donations from the general public and private organizations.

Meals on Wheels, Inc. is a private nonprofit agency which prepares and delivers meals to the homebound who are unable to provide for themselves because of illness or physical disability. The program aids individuals in maintaining a degree of independence by keeping them from hospitalization. It also promotes an earlier hospital discharge of individuals who are convalescing but are unable to provide their own meals or continue their diet.