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Meals for the Elderly and Homebound

Meals for the Elderly and Homebound

Meal Service

A hot midday meal, which includes entree, fruit, vegetables, bread, dessert and a beverage, will be delivered. Menus are prepared daily under the direct supervision of a nutritionist and are planned to provide a variety of nourishing, attractive and appetizing meals.

The low sodium meals (no salt is added) contains at least 1/3 of the minimum daily nutritional requirements for adults.

Who is Eligible?

  • Elderly individuals or couples unable to prepare a nutritious, well balanced meal.
  • Individuals recovering from recent hospitalization or illness.
  • Any person 60 years of age or older, or anyone married to a person 60 years of age or older is cordially invited to participate in the program.

Individuals referred to the program are first visited in their home to evaluate their situation. In this way the recipient's eligibility for the program is determined and we also have an opportunity to get to know them personally.

If other unmet needs are identified, the client will be referred to other appropriate agencies to resolve these problems. All recipients are re-evaluated periodically in their home for the same reasons.

Time of Service

Meals are delivered between the hours of 11am and 1pm Monday through Friday. For those who qualify, meals can also be delivered for the weekends and holidays. Delivery is normally made at about the same time each day, but may vary occasionally as participants come or go off service.

Cost of Service

Voluntary donations are requested. However, no participant will be denied service due to inability to pay.